Arman Farab

Arman Farab International Company

About ARMAN FARAB Company

ARMAN FARAB has emerged from commercial division of FARAB for the purpose of expanding export volume of the Country.
ARMAN FARAB enjoys the potential and experience of FARAB Co gathered to many years of International trade. Our team of experts is our real asset working with reliable and skilled personnel making management of export to different markets globally.

ARMAN FARAB’s goods handling department including transportation, custom formalities, insurance and etc is another strong point that we have utilized in our international deals.

Today ARMAN FARAB is not only one of the best Export Management Companies in the country, but also the most reliable in the region, gaining the trust of the International Customers.

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Goods and equipment

Oil and Gas (Petroleum Products, Petrochemical Products, Bitumen, Mineral Oil, Fertilizer Urea, …)

Building (Ceramic, Cement, Plaster, Steel, building stones, Glass, Tile, …)

Electrical (cables, Wires, Lighting System, Switchgear, Transformers, Battery, Instrumentation, Electric Motor, …)

Mechanical (Pumps, Boilers, Tanks, HVACs, Valves, …)

Metals (Copper, Steel, Aluminum, …)

Food Items